Humans are social by nature. We all thirst to have other people being our friends and crave for interactions at every opportunity. Good relationships make life enjoyable while we also become innovative. At the same time, with friends in our stable, we have a better chance of facing challenges such as sickness, boredom and loneliness. Unfortunately, the education system does not teach these skills, yet we use them in more ways than the academic qualifications we obtained from the school. How do we develop relationship skills?

Listen to others

Wanting to be heard is a fundamental desire that we all possess. Unfortunately, we are not good at listening. Change your approach by listening more to the people around. You will be surprised at how far you can get. Most people long for someone who can listen to what they want to say. Be that person.

Ask questions

Nodding your head is one way to show someone that you are paying attention. However, you could drift away and forget what the other person was saying. A better way is to ask them questions. When they notice genuine inquisitiveness, they lower their guard and open-up about their lives.

Remember names

When you hear someone you recently met call you by name; the feeling is beyond words. You need not remember everything your friend says but their name and essential information about them is crucial.

Relationships take time to build as trust is the main ingredient. By listening keenly, asking questions and recalling someone’s name, you come off as a valuable companion.