There are times when you feel hopeless. Sometimes sadness envelops you, and nothing seems enjoyable. On the flipside, you sometimes feel uneasy and tend to worry too much. These sets of feelings are signs of depression and anxiety. Of course, you have those durations when everything seems fine only for you to hit a low the next day. Psychologists reckon that anxiety and depression are like two sides of a coin. When depressed, you feel anxious. Similarly, when anxiety sets in, you become depressed.

How can you reduce their occurrence and recurrence?

Exercise your body

Running around the block of flats, skipping rope or taking a hike are all activities that help your body burn calories. Besides exercise improves your mood and promotes neuron growth in the brain. You also sleep well at night something that lowers stress levels.

Practice yoga

Enrolling for yoga classes stretches your body and teaches you how to re-focus breathing. Controlled breathing has a calming effect on the brain. Moreover, when taking deep breaths, you cannot be anxious plus there are other moves you will learn that keep away depression.

Go for therapy

You may feel like you are about to lose it and are on the verge of anxiety. Share your concerns with a therapist. He or she can treat both conditions through different forms of therapy. You could learn how to manage the symptoms, better communication and ways of handling your thoughts.

By taking the bold step of confronting anxiety and depression, you feel much better and in control of your life.