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Re-Establishing Trust After Your Teen Breaks A Major Rule

Adolescence is a tumultuous and often overwhelming time in life, and as a result, teens commonly make mistakes that can lead to broken trust with the adults in their lives. Teens who struggle with depression, anxiety, drugs, and underage drinking are even more likely to have behavioral problems that cause a significant breach of trust…

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Girl sitting on rocks with back at camera

Don’t Take it Personally

Your child is the most important person in the world to you. Being a parent is as personal as personal gets. So how is it possible to not take your teen’s acting out personally? As a reflection of your parenting skills, or supposed lack thereof? Because, challenging as it is, learning the skill of detachment…

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Encouraging mindfulness in your child

How to Encourage Mindfulness in Your Daughter

Mindfulness and mindful practices have been shown to have many beneficial effects—but they don’t happen on their own. You’ve probably heard the term mindfulness. Mindfulness is used to describe the state of being completely present—aware of, attuned to, and curious about what’s happening around you, while avoiding being overwhelmed, thinking frantically, or reacting judgmentally. In…

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How to listen to your child

How Do We Listen To Our Teens

The skill of listening to our kids, particularly teenagers in trouble, is a vital one. An old adage says you never learn a thing when you’re talking. If we can take the time to observe and listen to our teens, we can gain vital insights on who they are as people, what their current circumstances…

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common phrases to avoid

Six Common Phrases that are Actually Harmful to Teenage Girls

Everybody has said them at some point or another, and if you’re female, you’ve probably heard them too. In the course of everyday communication, we have hundreds of phrases that seem inconsequential on the surface, but in reality, reinforce negative images about how girls should act and behave. These six in particular, are damaging to…

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your troubled teen may not be troubled at all

Your “Troubled” Teen isn’t Troubled…

YOUR “TROUBLED” TEEN ISN’T TROUBLED… She’s Hurting. Of all the labels you dreamed your daughter might have had growing up – princess, honor roll, varsity team – one probably very far from that list was troubled. Yet, after a string of bad relationships, difficult conversations, and behavioral changes, you sense that daughter is beginning to…

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how to deal with an acting out daughter

5 Ways To Deal With A Teen Who Is Acting Out

Lately, you may have noticed that your teenage child has changed drastically. They now dare to answer back and harshly for that matter. You recall that a few days ago a similar situation occurred at school and you were forced to go and plead with the teachers to let them stay. Otherwise, the school administrator…

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